About Flipping the odds

Our Co-Founder Jack Linehan learned from an early age the importance of education beyond the classroom. As a young real estate investor Jack learned that not all learning was in the classroom, but in the actual homes, and dealing with real people, their struggles and their differences.

These core values are the foundation of the Flipping the Odds program. Although Jack has been a successful investor for over 32 years, he has seen lots of real estate novices struggle and fail. So now together with his partner Alise Torhus, a 13-year real estate veteran, they’ve created this unique training program. (Flipping the Odds). With Alise’ background as a student and practitioner of personal development she recognized how the combination of Jacks experience and immersive training would flip the odds for those who truly want to be successful real estate investors.

This combination of class room, onsite visits and local mentorship are the building blocks of this much sought-after program!

Meet Our Team

Alise Torhus

Alise Torhus is a successful real estate investor with Florida First Properties Inc., where she bought and sold more than 100 houses in the last 6 years alone. She began her Real Estate Investing career in 2005,
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Anamaria Dobos

Anamaria Dobos is an administrative law graduate from University of Bucharest, Romania who has a stellar career as an Office Manager, Risk Procedure Manager and Financial Analyst. She started her experience in Deloitte, one of the biggest
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Jack Linehan

Jack Linehan is a very successful real estate investor, the Co-Owner of Florida First Properties Inc and the Co-Founder of Flipping the Odds, LLC, a Real Estate Investor Education and Mentorship firm that helps aspiring real estate
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Sanda Kruger

Sanda Kruger is a real estate investor at PS Kruger Holdings LLC and a Real Estate Education Facilitator with Flipping the Odds™. She came to the United States in 2003 from Europe with her entrepreneurial spirit and
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