Flipping the Odds™ Investor


The FTO™ Investor Program is a high-level real estate education program created and specifically designed for real estate investors who have at least 1 year experience.

Complete Course description

  • The FTO™ Investor Program is a 1-on-1 partnership with Flipping the Odds™. At this level we split the profit from one rehab 50%-50%.
  • Our investor-partners have the option to ingrain even further their theoretical knowledge by having unlimited access to all the online courses, resources, Zoom calls and Q and A sessions
  • We will be securing 100% of the funding for the project



Thousands of successful entrepreneurs can vouch for the fact that mentoring, as well as other personal development activities, can quickly increase one’s value and income in business. Most entrepreneurs view a mentor as someone older and more experienced who takes the time to personally give guidance, advice, and takes an emotional investment in your success. What we reinforce for our partner students is the important fact that this process is also requiring an investment on their part, both in nurturing the relationship, and really listening, without being defensive, to advice given.

Upon successful completion of the course ALL students will be presented with a Graduation Certificate after they fulfilled all their required work and they filled out their accountability charts.


For this course, all the investors enrolled have to have completed successfully both the FTO™ Foundations and FTO™ Practical Application and they have to have a deep knowledge and understanding of this industry. Additionally, there will be an interview process to ensure the success of the program.