Flipping the Odds™ Practical Application


FTO™ Practical Application is an advanced real estate education program for real estate investors who are at an intermediate level and who have some experience and possess the basic theory knowledge of real estate investing. To get to this level, our students have used their learning and observational skills and have a basic understanding of real estate investing and the industry in general.

Complete Course description

  • Continuous access to our Online Courses, Zoom calls and Q and A sessions
  • All students become our partners – We will organize our students in teams and we will partner with each team in the process of finding, fixing and flipping a house. Here we take it to the next level by offering our students the opportunity to become our partners through a hands-on approach.
  • Our students will be involved hands-on in ALL aspects of Project Management
  • This time they will get to put in practice all the theoretical knowledge they gained through the FTO™ Foundations program:
    • Look for properties
    • Get comparables
    • Look for contractors
    • Verify their credentials
    • Develop the Scope of Work (SOW) for the project
    • Create a Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Evaluate contractor bids
    • Run a successful rehab with everything that involves
    • Do a change order
    • Do a final Punch list
    • Participate in the decision-making process
    • Analyze the offerMake Profit
  • We will be securing funding for the Project from beginning to end. Students do not have to worry at this level about finding funds. We want them to focus on learning and understanding the process.
  • We will share the profit that we make on the rehab with our students with the guarantee that each student will make $2000.00.

Upon successful completion of the course ALL students will be presented with a Graduation Certificate.


To enroll in the FTO™ Practical Application program there are two requirements:

  • Complete the FTO™ Foundations
  • Go through an interview process with the FTO™ staff.