Why is Education Important to Succeed?

A few years ago, in a discussion with Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett said: “The Best thing I did for myself was to go to a Dale Carnegie workshop back in the day, because only a fool will not recognize that investing in yourself makes you more skilled, happier and more fulfilled.”

It makes one wonder: if the very wealthy Warren Buffet and Tony Robbins always encourage people to seek success through continuum personal growth and they lead by example, then why do many of us hesitate to invest in ourselves?

By research, one conclusion is: many think there is something special about doing things themselves without help or guidance. For those people, it seems to be fun to hit their head in a wall again and again until they learn that the door is not that way, or until they make a hole and proudly sneak through to reach their path. Either way, the process is time consuming and pain seems to be the main feeling surrounding it. On my part, I believed being self-taught somehow made what I was doing better than if I had help. I was the doer. The person who takes pride in its own handy work. I also saw asking questions and being guided as a sign of weakness and I used to think that I would save tons of money in not paying for a mentor or a coach to teach me things that I can learn by myself in time.

When looking back at why I thought being self-taught was better, the truth is: I was building in excuses in case I did not succeed. In many ways, I was preparing myself for failure and not for success. If someone was better than me at something I could say: “Well, yes, they are better, but I was self-taught, and that person had lessons.” The conclusion I arrived to is that often my ego stopped me from seeking help because asking for help in common belief, often shows weakness. Asking for help is often perceived by us, the action-oriented people, that we are not as good or special as we thought. The truth is that when we are talking about real life examples, the best of the best, the most successful people always have coaches, have teachers and mentors and they educate themselves constantly. The successful people always invest in themselves first!

Let’s be honest: The best professional athletes are not always the most talented, but more often than not, they are the athletes who are the most coachable and have a vision of themselves succeeding. The richest people in the world are not always the smartest people with the most brilliant ideas, but they are the ones who were open to learn from others, open to ask questions and later on, hired the best people to work for them. The wealthy people may not always have a great formal education, but they have mentors who have taught them how to succeed. The most successful people are constantly learning and adapting. They never stop listening to others even when they reach the top of their profession or business. They always expand! And their purpose in itself, in time changes from being successful, to being fulfilled!

When one first hears that they may need to continue to learn their entire life a feeling of overwhelm surrounds them, but when there is excitement about learning something you love or that is at least interesting, the whole attitude changes! Now it becomes fun! Now it becomes real! When you learn how to motivate yourself and look at life as a challenge and set your attitude as a “solution seeker” and not a “problem solver”, things will start moving in the right direction for you, as they did for me. My focus has changed!

The key is to keep learning to become the best you can be!

It is important to remember that we never know everything. When we stop learning, we stop advancing and most likely will be passed up by others who are eager to learn more! And the following question always stands:

Is it better to be the best you can be at something with help or just be pretty good at something because you were self-taught?
Today, my answer is clear: when it comes down to business, my life, and being happy, I want to be the best I can, I want to be better than yesterday and if it takes help to get there, I would not be ashamed to ask for it anymore. This happened because I could never be where I am today without understanding that getting things done my way alone, doesn’t make me happy, but my personal growth does. Even when I am the best of the best, on top of the world, my lesson is: never stop learning. For me, Progress is Happiness!

So, Don’t Settle Even If You are On Top of The World!

Being successful does not mean you stop learning and educating yourself.  When someone sees success, they may start to think they know it all and don’t need any more classes, conferences, seminars, books to read or even challenging conversations with others. Socrates said it the best: “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”.

Please remember that getting Things Done Alone Doesn’t Make You Happy. Growing While You Get Things Done, Makes You Happy!

To achieve our goals, It is imperative we allow others who are already there to help us, guide us and educate us about anything in life. It may be possible to learn something new alone, but why not use thousands of years of human experience to see what is the best way to do something? For almost every task imaginable, there is at least a book or an article we can read. The guidance we can get from someone else’s experience is priceless. Even if you want to add your unique style or create a better way of doing something, you can build on what others have done before you. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just make it your own and learn to use it for as many tasks as possible.

You have to have an open mind when talking to others. You have to listen and be aware that you may not know everything, and other people may have a better way to do things.

Tony Robbins said, “we must work harder on ourselves than on our work itself”. When we learn to work harder on ourselves than our jobs or businesses, money will come. I believe this as well. If you are a successful person, the action of what you do, the work itself is not as important as the mentality and the knowledge which lead you there. With the right mind set, you can make money and be successful doing anything! Being open-minded, investing in yourself and always being willing to learn something new is the key to a happy life. I took personal coaching to make more money and it ended up changing my entire life. It gave me more free time, more confidence, more control over my life and ultimately more money from doing what I love

Many have often asked: How much money should we spend on our education?
There is a tricky balance between spending money on education that is worthwhile and spending all your money on education without taking action. The most educated people in the world may not ever be successful at anything if they never take any action. The truth is if you are serious about education and learning, you will spend a lot of money on this, but the actions you take based on what you have learnt should more than make up for the money you spend.
When deciding where to spend your money, watch out for bait and switch techniques. There are many people looking to take advantage of motivated individuals by making big promises with big price tags. If someone lures you in with a free seminar that turns into a $20,000 course to get the real information, it may raise your eyebrows. If you don’t learn anything in the first seminars except that you need to buy more classes to learn more information, be cautious!

Some courses and education, especially personal coaching can be expensive but worth it. Real programs won’t try to trick you into buying them, and they will tell you the costs and benefits upfront.
Once you get into the mindset of constantly learning and constantly improving anyway you can, life becomes a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to learn from those who have had success, be the best you can be and get as much from life as possible! In time, if you follow these steps, you will become successful at whatever it is that you want to do and you will give back by sharing with others what you know. Fulfilled people love to give back!


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