• How is FTO™ different from other Real Estate Education Courses?

    Flipping the Odds™ is a comprehensive, well-structured and complete set of 3 apprenticeship programs in which we teach real estate investing through practical knowledge and skills our students develop by first observing and then partnering with us on several rehabs and participating in real life profit sharing. Unlike other programs out there, we are very transparent with what our school offers and how much our programs cost. There is no upselling, just additional classes we will continue to create and offer to our students.

    We Guarantee that once you complete our 3 apprenticeship programs we will continue to partner, mentor and secure funding for our students at least until they make back in profit all the money spent on real estate education with us.

  • What are the qualifications of our faculty members?

    All our faculty members are active investors who have been through the Flipping the Odds ™ programs and graduated successfully.

  • How Soon can I get started?

    We offer classes both online or in our local Clearwater campus 5 times a year. Classes start mid-January, Mid-May and Mid-September for the online programs and mid-January and mid-September for the on-campus classes. Even if you enroll in between our official course start dates, you will receive full access to our online student portal and/or class modules as soon as you complete the enrollment package.

  • How Do I Sign Up to Take a FTO™ Course?

    You can register for our courses directly online on our website, www.flippingtheodds.com, at one of our live Workshops or by phone, calling 727.793.4271

  • Who can take FTO™?

    Flipping the Odds™ Foundations and Practical Applications are welcoming everyone who is interested in learning about real estate investing. At the end of our Foundations and Practical Applications program if not sooner, our students know for sure if real estate investing is for them as a long-term career.

  • Do I Have to Have Experience to register in the Flipping the Odds™ Programs?

    No, anyone can register and participate in Flipping the Odds™ Programs 1 and 2 as long as they meet our admission criteria.

  • How Do I Fit Flipping the Odds™ into my busy schedule?

    We try to accommodate to the best of our ability the busy life of our students by offering on campus classes both morning and evenings as well as the online version which is available for their convenience. In the same time, this is a life changing program, and we expect our students to live up to their own expectations and accountability charts and make time to participate and take advantage of this world class education program they invested in. If they cannot truly commit to a few hours every week to follow their dream now, how are they going to commit to real life rehab projects later on?

  • Does FTO™ teaches their students to become real estate agents?

    No. There is a vital difference between a real estate agent and a real estate investor. The first one is a sales person,who normally works for a real estate broker and receives income for their transactions, usually as commission; the second one is an independent business owner creating wealth and security for their family, calculating and projecting their income as profit.

  • Do I Have to wait until my graduation to start earning money?

    No, you can start earning while you learn, and you will start earning with us guaranteed in the Flipping the Odds™ Practical Application course. In fact, if real estate investing is new to you, we recommend that you do not jump on investing in any real estate until you learn the basic principles of real estate investing first. Some of our students start making money as early as 6 months into the program and that is a realistic timeframe. The problem these days is that many people have been told and therefore now believe that the returns in real estate are expected to always be very fast. Our goal is not to turn you into a real estate investor overnight, which is unrealistic and will make you lose tons of money in the long run, but to make you an educated and savvy investor to be able to create wealth and a legacy for you and your family.

  • What if I can’t Afford the Tuition?

    Our tuition starting points are very reasonable for this industry and for the long-term benefits that the real estate investing offers to any skilled and educated investor. The truth is, if you cannot afford the tuition, maybe this is not for you! Unlike many other programs out there who state that you can become a real estate investor with no money out of your pocket, we will be honest and tell you upfront that even though there are chances for you to return some profits as early as 6 months into your real estate education, and even though we will secure funding for the projects, we recommend that you have means to support yourself and your family for at least one year while you are learning, and only after you can make 150% of your income through real estate investments alone, you should quit your day job. This is not an overnight get rich scheme.

  • What Happens After I Graduate?

    After graduating from the 3 programs, our students have the following options: they can either venture on their own and start their investing career or they can continue to partner within their Flipping the Odds™ family. Our Guarantee is that we will continue to partner, mentor and secure funding for our students at least until they make back in profit all the money spent on real estate education with us.