Anamaria Dobos

Anamaria Dobos is an administrative law graduate from University of Bucharest, Romania who has a stellar career as an Office Manager, Risk Procedure Manager and Financial Analyst. She started her experience in Deloitte, one of the biggest multinational companies worldwide and she continued with big names like Alexandrion Group, East Coast Financial Services and Global Hub Group. All these years, she took pride in her high level of competence and efficiency, her attention to details, her consistency and dedication as well as her capacity to focus on finding solutions and today she is able to put it all to work for the Flipping the Odds™ Real Estate School. Anamaria’s lifetime success is built on her reliability, her dedication to team-work and helping others in performing their duties in an impeccable manner based on her indisputable work ethic. In her spare time, Anamaria enjoys gardening, dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family.