Jack Linehan

Jack Linehan is a very successful real estate investor, the Co-Owner of Florida First Properties Inc and the Co-Founder of Flipping the Odds, LLC, a Real Estate Investor Education and Mentorship firm that helps aspiring real estate investors gain the knowledge, experience and practical skills necessary to create a path to passive income, wealth accumulation, and most importantly – cash flow. His biggest passion is the creative side of real estate and finding solutions to problems that allow everyone to succeed in any transaction.

In parallel to focusing on the FTO Apprenticeship Program, Jack and his business partner Alise Torhus, have personally been involved in over 150 real estate transactions including flips, rentals, multi-family, wholesale deals, lease-options and land contracts. Prior to moving to Florida in 2011, Jack was investing in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maine, where he bought and sold hundreds of properties both personally and with partner investors. Before that, Jack was the managing partner for a property management company whose clients included banks, fund investors, international investors, and individuals, for whom he co-managed over 300 residential properties and over 1 million Sq. Ft. of commercial and industrial property. Jack proudly gained his experience from being in construction all his life with most of his early jobs involving a lot of sheetrock dust, paint and blisters. He began his investing career in 1985 when he and his wife bought their first triplex.

Jack has been married to his wife Becky for 33 years, lives in sunny Clearwater, Florida, and has an innate passion for teaching and sharing which allowed him to help countless numbers of people and companies progress towards their goals in the real estate field.