Wow! We have arrived, and what a wonderful ride it has been! This is my first time as a Real Estate Investor, with “Flipping The Odds” and I have learned so much!

I like this course because the instructor didn’t say “Let’s pretend we bought a warehouse” and here is how we found the house, bought it, rehabbed it, and sold it. We had a step by step plan to follow and great notes to follow.

I am looking forward to buying and flipping many more houses in the future.

Cliff Brooks


Coming into the program, I felt lost and not knowing where to start. After my two classes, I have a clearer connection on what to do. Moving forward, I am more confident in the Fix & Flip System.

David Harter


This was a great experience going thru the second house, seeing how they are all different. Learned what to do when things go wrong and still make a profit. Looking forward to doing our next house & learn some more new things.

Priti Shukla


Wow, there were many challenges that came up with our 2nd house – had we tried to do this on our own, without the amazing FTO mentorship, we surely would have flopped. Our team walked with a really nice profit! On to house #3 to implement everything we’ve learned – we have so much more confidence & feel so empowered moving forward. Thank you, Jack and Alise!

Stephanie & Dave Harter


I started the Flipping The Odds Program with Jack and Alise back in August 2016 and I am enjoying every second of learning and growing as a person and as an investor.

Today, May 1, 2017, is the day in which we received the checks for our first flipped house! It took us 6 months to buy it, fix it and sell it. We faced challenges meant to make us grow and finally here we are!

It feels great to have the check in my hands, but what I love the most is the experience I gained and all I have learned!?
Thank you Flipping The Odds Family for being awesome!

On to the next project!

Sanda Kruger


I have been “around” the real estate investing industry, but always too afraid / nervous to ask for help or do anything. Flipping The Odds not only built my confidence, but made me feel VERY knowledgeable in the real estate world! Jack and Alise are an amazing pair who have transformed my life.

Their expertise and passion is inspiring! They are in this for the right reasons and you can feel it! I am so thankful for this course and everything it has provided for me!

Receiving my first check was such a great feeling! This just increased my confidence and excitement for real estate!

Megan Galane


More motivated now than ever. Ready to start the process of our second house. Seeing how this SYSTEM works and is repeatable, as well as Passive is Awesome!! It’s really exciting to see our money work and making a greater ROI than the banks.



This class is so different from other real estate classes, that I’ve both taken and known about. Here we earn as we learn. As a group we do the whole process from buying the house, fixing and selling it. And also, sharing in the profit from the deal. I know of no other program that does all that. It is truly unique

Paul Levin