Do you remember how you learnt to ride a bike when you were a child?

First you probably saw others riding a bike, You Observed.

Later, you took a leap of faith and decided that you want to do it to. You got up on a bike and your parents made sure you had your training wheels on, or your father held the bike up for you, you Participated.

And then, when you were confident enough, the training wheels came off, your dad let go of the bike and you were on your own.You did it!

These are the 3 steps in which we, people learn everything.  We Observe, We participate, We Do.

At Flipping the Odds we use a 3-prong approach to real estate investing:

  1. The Theoretical Knowledge, in which we teach our students the intricacies of investing. They learn everything from contracts, to land trusts, to the scope of work, to the sale of the property and making a profit.

  2. The Hands-On, Practical Experience in which the students learn what goes behind the scenes of a rehab. We guide them through evaluating the structure, finding the right contractor, determining the right materials, knowing the exit strategy and the ins and outs of Project management.

  3. The Partnership with Profit Sharing, in which we invite our students to become our partners throughout the process. They are included in all aspects of the flipping business. By doing this, they get to experience all facets of being an investor. Because we fund all the projects and hold their hand through the process, they are better able to focus on learning without any risks or distractions. We make a project A to Z with our students.